Sanctuary Means Counter-Attack

In Richmond and in the world at large, ordinary workers are every day crushed by an inhuman system of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Public service cutbacks starve our families, a racist campaign of gentrification displaces us from our homes, and a militarized, white supremacist police force harasses, imprisons, and deports us. Those of us who manage to find work in these conditions find ourselves increasingly exploited and fighting one another in a job market that automation, robotics, and information technology has made increasingly precarious. In the world at large, this same system is destroying the environment for a quick buck, and starting imperialist wars of aggression to protect the bottom line.

Trump’s attacks on immigrant workers–and his supporter’s dreams of total ethnic cleansing—are part of a global trend towards fascism and the militarization of society; paving the way for the genocides which the capitalist system will have to carry out to protect profits in the 21st century.

In a nightmare scenario such as this, we can find sanctuary only in our own organization and discipline, through our ability to use force to defend our communities from the system’s onslaught. City governments can offer us protection all they want, but ultimately security for the working class ends where the capacity of the police to act begins.

As Richmond Struggle we are committed to building unity among diverse social sectors, identities, and struggles around a common program of working class power. This program means pushing back against VCU expansion and tuition hikes, it means mobilizing to disrupt the attacks on public education and public transit, it means fighting to block gentrification and the displacement of the Black working class from the city, most of all it means linking all our struggles in a counter-attack against the common enemy: a local government that cares only for the wealthy, and imposes upon us development model of low wage, precarious work.

The only real sanctuary we have is in building a combative unity with the strength to physically fight back against state attacks on immigrants. Lobbying and requesting a “seat at the table” with politicians only perpetuates our weakness and isolation. True power comes from independent, organized, and forceful action by the oppressed. Only when we have built this power can we say “Ni Uno Mas/Not One More” and really mean it: not as a plea to the powerful, but as a threat against them.