Dissolution of Yet Another Micro Left Org

It is with a heavy heart that Richmond Struggle is now announcing its dissolution, which has been an ongoing process beginning in late September, 2017.  The circumstances by which this collective’s internal contradictions became insurmountable are worthy of consideration by any reflecting on the state of metropolitan communist politics in the 21st century.

The reconstitution of proletarian politics today entails two inextricable but distinct levels of political practice:

  • the organization of intervention within the economic struggles of the class with a class based position of intransigent defense of wages, living and working conditions refusing the class collaborationist positions of the reformist bureaucracies.

This entails both work within existing mass organizations of the class and the construction of new organizations depending upon the concrete circumstances.

  • the construction of organizational nuclei of communist militants in the line of party construction through a continual ideological struggle to grasp the methodology of historical and dialectical materialism and synthesize the lessons of the victories and defeats of the international workers movement in order to advance towards the formulation of immediate and general programs adequate to our current conjuncture.

This level of practice requires a perpetual struggle against the alien ideological trends which as a result of the historic defeat of our class are almost universally predominant.


The trajectory of Richmond Struggle was a product of the ideological disorientation of a small grouping of communist militants who failed to develop work on either level resulting in the formation of an eclectic “multi-tendency” point of coalescence for everything currently fashionable in petty bourgeois radicalism.

Furthermore this entire trajectory occurred at a distance from the class struggle and was characterized by a disinterest in intervention within it. In the struggle to reconstitute proletarian politics within and never at a distance from the class struggle there is no room for unprincipled peace with petty bourgeois identitarianism or with revisionist distortions of the Marxist theory of the state. Without revolutionary theory no revolutionary movement and without a continuity of intervention in the class struggle no capacity to implement revolutionary theory in the conjuncture.

Deviations and errors are unavoidable but the struggle to construct proletarian politics within the class movement continues as an inevitable product of the contradictions of the capitalist relations of production themselves.