On one level, capitalist society isolates and divides us from each other. We can depend on no one but the dollars in our pocket in order to survive, and we compete with one another in the labor market for jobs.

But at the same time, capitalism itself organizes the exploited working class. The very fact we negotiate our wage means that the development of organization of the exploited class is tolerated. This would be unthinkable under previous systems, such as slavery or feudalism.

This opens a path along which revolutionary class organizations might be forged.

We must draw upon revolutionary examples from the past – from the Black Panther Party to the Chinese Revolution – and begin to seize our power by uniting all who can be united and organizing ourselves. The working class has an accumulated history and experience. There are also scattered acts of resistance. We must transform these revolts, these experiences, these acts, into a power for all the exploited and oppressed. We must consolidate a camp of anti-capitalist workers and oppressed nationality people that collectively thinks and acts: the proletariat.

We can start out by building struggle committees that take on the ruling class – the capitalist bosses and the landlords – and their tools, the police. The ruling class attacks us through evicitions, landlord neglect, food stamp benefit cuts, hospital closures, worker layoffs, wage cuts, criminalization of drugs and petty crimes, failure to provide adequate health care, the school to prison pipeline, stop and frisk and police violence…

Struggle committees can serve the people by meeting their social needs.

Struggle committees can defend the people against attacks by the ruling class.

Sruggle committees can support workers in their struggle for better work conditions and higher wages.

However we cannot simply play the role of a charity, union or NGO, but must put politics in command, always acting in an antagonistic manner towards the state.

We need an organized class politics that can form broad alliances. This is necessary in order to struggle for the democratic right to self-determination of oppressed nations (Black, Chicano, Native American, Puerto Rican, Hawaiian) and the overthrow of this decadent capitalist system. Only with a concrete politics can we begin to build people’s power in the line of revolution.

We must collectively think and act in order to link our daily struggles for survival to the need for mass organizations. Only such organizations will allow us to grow our power with a view to building a revolutionary movement that can eventually seize state power.

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    1. Thank you for your support, if you could fill out the form on our contact page we can contact you further about details for getting more involved with the RSCI.

  1. Your contact page doesn’t work, it’s html instead of a form. My 2 questions are 1) who or where do you get funding from, and 2) why “always acting in an antagonistic manner towards the state.” – red flags go up for me with this, bc it could be a quick way to having no access to elected officials, transparency etc, much like after 9/11 we had war, the nsa and patriot act. All they need is an excuse, and the media to portray it as if it’s a popular need. I otherwise very much agree with your platform from what I read here. I admire your efforts and stances while not wanting to see them backfire, on yourselves nor on all of us.

    1. I have to agree with L’s concerns. I, too, am interested in hearing more about the organization. I like your ideas and intent, but it’s not very clear how inclusive the organization intends to be. I am white. I grew up in the county, went to public school. I graduated from VCU, and now struggle to achieve the prosperity that everybody claims America offers– despite working very hard every day.

      To be honest, I find some of the rhetoric on here to be offensive, almost racist in tone. When you mention the “oppressed nations” that you stand up for, there is no mention of struggling white folks. (Believe me, they exist.) In fact, reading through the site, white people only seem to spoken of in a negative context (“slimy white yuppie,” or “rich white kids,” for example). So, I’m just curious if I would be welcome at a meeting or whatnot?

      Another issue I have is with the “militant,” which is used often throughout the site. Just to be clear, that word is defined as, “combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods.” So I have to ask, is the plan to get violent? I’m all for getting assertive, angry, and loud, but I just feel that the peaceful methods that Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi used seemed to be the most effective in inspiring others to rally to their cause. (I have to admit that I’m also a little scared of showing up to a meeting/protest and getting beat up for being white.)

      I hope you can understand my concerns. I certainly understand why you all are so angry and upset at the ruling class– I’m right there with you (as are many of my white and non-white friends). I want to see the reemergence of a large and powerful middle-class that highly diverse and brings true equality to this country/world. Hopefully yall want the same, and I’d love to help you achieve that.

      1. (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with ‘Richmond Struggle’)

        To Will,

        The American dream is mere propaganda. It was only meant to be something which diverted energy into realizing additional sums of surplus-value. Because it was created to appeal directly to lower-middle class Whites, it was always a racist concept due to the systematic racism involved in the state apparatus. In times of decay, like the present, this sort of inability to deliver on ‘the dream’ ekes its way into the white middle class and reveals itself as a fraud. The fact that only a tiny minority of people, who were in the right place at the right time with the right kind of artistic or economic idea, while many other people who had similar ideas or better ideas, should be all the proof you need about how it is propaganda.

        To speak of ‘oppressed nations’ is not “racist,” but rather an acknowledgement of reality. We do not live in a post-racial country. Racism is systematic and institutionalized. It does great violence to the oppressed and minority populations. As such, analysis and theory on questions of oppression and emancipation will, necessarily, take a precedence over White issues. This is not to say that White poverty is not a very real issue, or that specific national incarnations of White cultural identity do not exist, merely that the focus is on those who suffer more under capitalism, not those of White people who cannot obtain the ‘American [propaganda] dream.’ Rich White kids and Yuppies, meanwhile, are the privileged incarnation of Whites who not only lack the poverty and working class identity of their poverty stricken counterparts, but actively propagate an agitate for reactionary, counterrevolutionary policies. Such people deserve only scorn for the elitist and exclusionary role they play in society. Speaking as a White man, they are not my kin. They are scum; they do not represent me or my familiy’s identity as part of the working class.

        Militant, meanwhile, can have many different definitions. but the classic definition, one which seems to be in use here, is one of fidelity to the eventual revolution. A militant in the sense of someone who goes above and beyond mere activism, someone who rises to the occasion and embraces the life of a communist cadre. This being said, it is of not surprise that violence will be necessary in order for these militants to maintain their fidelity to the revolutionary event, and overthrow the capitalist class. The bourgeoisie makes it impossible otherwise; this is seen through their incessant propagation of racist figures like Gandhi and their non-stop promotion of non-violence and voting.

        My two cents on the last bit of your comment: go to demonstrations and meetings. The only place I would imagine you getting beat up for being White is if you strayed into a meeting/demo being held by Black Supremacists (fascists). Otherwise, you need to fight your white Guilt nonsense and understand that, as a White man struggling, you have valuable contributions to make to both activism and the shared cultural experience and heritage which exists between oppressors and oppressed; liberation movements, after all, will not get anywhere unless they take both sides of a non-antagonistic contradiction (among the people) into consideration. You have to be willing to learn from non-White activists as to the specifics of their daily life and activism, and I am sure they would be willing to at least hear you out on how you’ve struggled and engage you in both conversation and debate.

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